Emerging pop artist Aleem has been on my radar, for a while but it wasn’t until the recent release of “So Damn Good” that I felt he was beginning to come into his own, musically. Essentially a singer-songwriter, lately the up-and-coming multi-talent has introduced a slow-burning electronic element within his music, which helps to lift the songs to greater heights, melodically. Ahead of embarking on his first UK Headline tour this February/March, he continues building on his refreshing song making and sonic turns with exhilarating current single “Stranger Things“.

As far as I can make out this new single from Aleem has no connection with the Netflix web series of the same name, it’s just a case of random coincidence that both creative endeavours share the identical title. Anyways the song lyrics loaded with personal observations and emotions, clear up any confusion on the matter. The theme which the track poignantly captures most certainly relates to matters, of the heart and does not evoke any of the unexplainable supernatural goings-on of the popular science fiction mystery series.

On the track, Aleem pumps up a sensually brooding tone in his vocals, leaning towards sounding, a touch like Nick Jonas, similarly erring on the urban side of the pop sphere. A comparison, not a complaint by any stretch of the imagination. “Stranger Things” catchy, infectiousness is matched only by its immediacy. The track is lined, with sonically blended beats, dreamy synth-pop and R&B melody. Aleem is a singer who comes armed with the hooks to match his gifted vocal skills, which in turn creates an undeniable groove and solidifies why the singer-songwriter is rapidly becoming one to watch for 2018.

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