I haven’t been introduced to Ivy Mairi before. After being contacted by the singer by email and then consequently checking out, the music, website, social media etc. I found out the Toronto singer, and song maker loves to have her press photos taken while she’s dangling upside down. Possibly lying down might be a more accurate description. Either way, head over heels is her favourite pose these days. Dare I presume, the quirkiness has come about because she’s ventured into making pop songs, which is all quite a bit different from when she was previously singing folk songs. What we are seeing is her fun side shining out with the release of her song “Strange Love.”

Ivy explains,

Strange Love” is the first taste from the upcoming EP “Polarity” and the result of eighteen months work with producer Kieran Adams. A significant departure from her previous music life, but no less polished of her classic songcraft style. This fizzing pop ditty is deliciously upbeat and 80s centric in melody right from its joyful synth-pop core. “Strange Love” is about those moments when someone special unexpectedly enters your life, the way that new love can look and feel different than what you expected. Somewhere along the way, you come to realise that it was actually, what you needed all along,”

The song is instantly charming and breezy, coming in at a time when the last summer sun has set. To my mind and to Ivy Mairi’s it seems, it is never too late to have some shimmery electronic heat, lighting up the pop genre. I applaud the singer for branching out and engaging with this new concept. The track is an energetic slice of technicolour synth-driven pop with a propulsive yet, stuttering rhythm, building into a danceable, groove. A combination that will have the listener craving more of what Ivy Mairi has to offer. It’s super-catchy and accessible, and fun and we should enjoy it for what it is, free of preconceptions.

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