Eric Saade

Hell-to-the-yeah! We know when thoughts of Eurovision start to be upon us. As basically, Its when a new Eric Saade song makes an appearance. I’ve made it my mission to have been keenly observing the build-up to Eric’s new track reveal via his social media, so whether or not he makes it through the stages of this year’s Melodifestivalen to win in triumph and to go forward representing Sweden in this years Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, we’d be not be losing out on the value of any of Eric’s glowing pop turns.

It’s true, Eric’s Melodifestivalen entry “Sting” has already been released to Spotify I believe, but how I’ve managed to wait out for it to surface on a more public friendly medium, so we can all share in “Sting”, I’ll be honest I’ve been quite itching for this one to make its full official online arrival.

The wait has been worth it, since as you’d quite expect for Eric’s stab at Melodifestivalen and Eurovision glory, “Sting” is HUGELY pop-centric with a MASSIVE sing-a-long chorus intact.

That we’ve waited for a behind the scenes lyric video to appear to get our full pop dose of this one, it matters not to us, as year on year Eric Saade remains to be a dishful of eye-candy.

As much as I’m loved up in the “Sting”, I feel its fate might not see it through Melodifestivalen, but I am to believe that it also serves as a taste into Eric’s new album. YES I said NEW ALBUM!!! So there is totes much cause to hitch up our party pants and start celebrating.