When Storme released their recent gleaming single “Volcano“, the Swedish duo consequently earned their place as my new favourite Scandipop act of the year. The duo comprised of vocalist Amanda Liedberg and producer Gabriele Mazza had the power to stand out above their peers, and I really would be hard pushed to pick a fault with any of the tracks they have released to date. Including “Starlight” their latest offering.

I’m coming to recognise Liedberg and Mazza’s music is all at once dazzling and bristling with a cool confidence. And, the musically paired twosome, are masters of the epic building chorus already. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from them than to learn the duo were very well received by the audience in Brighton, during their appearance at the Great Escape festival in May. Storme certainly live up to the high bar precedent they’ve set coming off the back of two great tracks “Burning Echoes” and “Volcano.” With opulent and dewy “Starlight” entering the frame, I have this to impart, if you haven’t heard much about Storme yet, you mostly like soon will.

Anyone blindly listening to this track for the first time, would well be forgiven for assuming the vocalist was Sigrid. The vocal phrasing is almost a perfect match for likeness to the current Nordic pop queen, as is the glacially, voiced timbre from frontwoman Amanda. Storme effortlessly merges haunting, mystical pop songs with disco beats and soaring synths. Forging a style of dreamy pop music that’s Scandinavian to the touch and resplendently breezy with it. It is the sort of music I would listen to when my energy levels dip and I require a burst of bracing peppy pop to get me back on track. The track “Starlight” sneaks up on you after a sedately quieter opening section yet be under no uncertain assumptions it is another reason why Storme should be all over your radar as a stand out among hotly-tipped emerging acts for 2018/2019.

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