Shawn Mendes 1

If you’re Canadian or American you’ll most probably be aware of social media grown new pop sensation Shawn Mendes for his Billboard attracting debut single “Life Of The Party”, for the British or European of us he’s most noted as the dude that recently collaborated on “Oh Cecilia” with The Vamps.

Wake up UK, we’d better start getting used to seeing Shawn’s pretty face popping up everywhere from here-on-in, as he being trail-blazed as Virgin EMI / Universal Music’s latest hot acquisition and is being thrown right out there on tour for the US leg of Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour next year for starters.

Unlike comparable predicted pop slayer Elyar Fox who didn’t come through as we had imagined he might this year, Shawn Mendes is already figured in as a big pop concern via the premier pop associations he is readily becoming connected with.

Not to boast, follow-up single “Something Big” could just be the measure of catchy pop resolve to make some improved impact over here, as heaven knows our music scene could do with an injection of pure unabashed pop to lift us out of this moody cloud of R’n’B broody tuneage, dance-related crossovers and reggae inspired pop that have settled upon our airwaves of late, other wise I might really start to believe that pop has well and truly begun to eat itself.