The main reason I prefer to support independent artists over label signed acts is that I find DIY artists, and musicians are especially pumped with creativity. Their aim is to nurture their individuality and free thinking without the constraints of working to targets, performance strategies and formulas. At least for me, this tends to make the music that bit more exciting. In truth, the listener can tell when there is a real authentic connection to an artist and the music. I feel this when I listen to “Skin” by Boy Untitled. The cool thing is, he is creating a lane for himself where working in an alternative style, really does allow him to be diverse also.

Previously, Boy Untitled has worked with a sonic palette. For “Skin” he shifts into upbeat anthemic gear introducing big harmonies, and analogue horns, creating a carefully thought out carnival of sounds. The vocal remains, measured, earnest and genuinely profound.

“I wrote “Skin” after a long period of personal growth as a celebration of that hard work and all of the forces, light and dark, that have pushed me to be the person I am today. I wrote It as a victory anthem for all of us. A colourful dance that champions the power of becoming. It’s about the state of ecstasy that is felt when we allow ourselves to shed old layers and welcome in something new. I hope “Skin” inspires others to see the power in themselves.” Mark Tennyson (Boy Untitled)

Unlike most summer infused anthems which rely heavily, on a fist punching the air chorus. The track goes with a different tactic, opting for sweeping lines of harmony, as a way to connect with the honest, heartfelt lyrics. Unsure whether the style of this track is a lone experiment, but he’s definitely changing things up, so that the listener experiences funky, and feel good vibes. “Skin” is the lead single off the forthcoming Boy Untitled EP and visually inspired by its companion work, an illustrated book of poetry titled “A Wanderer’s Love Letter to the Universe“, both due this Spring.

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Twitter: @b0yuntitled