From listening to Nyna’s haunting yet empowering debut “Faces” released last June, you get a real, sense of the ethereal and emotional depth the newcomer takes her music too. It’s imposing stylizing turned the heads of BBC Introducing who have become one of the biggest supporters of the emerging London based singer-songwriter and producer. The encouraging interest helped Nyna to settle with, and continue exploring this sonic trajectory of highly emotive, distinctively defined sound. Following up on the exciting beginning, the singer introduces even more of an electronic vibe on second track “Silence” which pushes the song deeper, into the mystical realm of otherworldliness.

Nyna cites her influences as strong, distinctive female vocalists such as Lana Del Ray, Hannah Reid of London Grammar, and Sia. With similar artistic dark pop vibes in evidence, over an airy, soft electronic soundscape on the track “Silence“, Nyna expresses hypnotic, and heartfelt melody with haunting and powerful, lyrics. There is something really, beautiful and courageous about Nyna sharing personal, emotional depth through the lyrics of this song. Not least because, it reflects the freedom of moving on, and the growth you endure once you let go of restrictive baggage. These, thoughtful words arranged with the soothing, tones of the sonically driven melody will certainly offer comfort to anyone who is going through a difficult time.

The stirring melody and sweetly yearning vocal style help to build “Silence” in epicness. It shakes things chill-electronica up a little, creating a significant, beguiling charm. The soft, gentle beats that bubble away create a slow-moving rhythmic underbelly which is also entirely gripping. The whole thing amounts to a surreal listening experience that feels at once distant and relentlessly intimate. Certainly, pulls Nyna out as a newcomer with something a little bit different yet pleasantly enjoyable to offer than the norm.

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