Lyon Hart 1

Singer, songwriter, and maker of chocolate pudding pies is exactly how new emerging talent Lyon Hart from NYC has set about describing himself.

Whilst we’re unable to virtually try for ourselves a slice of his chocolate pudding pie, in an attempt to ascertain whether it is as mouth-wateringly tasty as it sounds, we can however, address Lyon Hart’s other self-noted attributes in the departments of singing and songwriting. Since he has just almost simultaneously released a collaboration which forms buzzed about production whizz Elephante’s debut effort “Shake The Earth” followed hotly on the heels with his own introductory track “The Sign”.

In actual fact, you might recall that we recently gave a nod to Elephante’s production work on one of his most recent dynamic remix fixes of Penguin Prison’s “Calling Out. The debut collaboration of “Shake The Earth” with Lyon Hart is everything that Elephante’s production work is noted for, energised, and colourfully banging EDM. A perfect platform in which to first introduce Lyon Hart’s complementary carried, dreamily hued vocals.

In comparison, Lyon Hart’s own debut “The Sign” a production collaboration with Mickey Valen (Noosa, EVVY) manifests as vintage vibed feel good pop, brought to fruition by Valen’s trademark softly bubbling synths in support of Lyon’s melliferously smooth as melting butter like vocals.

Now having had the full introductory insight of Lyon Hart’s glowing vocal presence through both dynamics on these tracks, I’d expect his chocolate pudding pies hit upon the same spot in blissed-out deliciousness that “The Sign” and “Shake The Earth” are also giving us.

For a new kid in town with feel good pop on his mind, I think Lyon Hart actually just might be seemingly shaping in a similar vein as Penguin Prison. If this is the case, we don’t mind that at all, infact, we’d encourage it!

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