What I know about the Crystal Fighters (and, I mean this in a good way) is that the music can be a little out there sometimes. A twist unconventional but never without exhibiting some pretty cool musicality. They are fusion blenders who have honed their craft down many years, carefully measuring out their visionary ideas and ultimately, delivering uniqueness. Listen to any of the albums by the band, (the latest being “Gaia & Friends“) you’ll end up very, understanding of what it is like to be taken on a trip. The fighters pack everything under the sun in them. When I heard about the bands latest track, “By Your Side” featuring Dagny, I was obviously, curious about the collaboration and the song.

Autumn and winter is a time renowned for highlighting power ballads, cinematic and reflective pop music. Trust Crystal Fighters to go against the grain of the style of music everyone else has now turned onto. By conjuring up an unseasonable, but enjoyable later than late, summer anthem.

Bast of Crystal Fighters speaks of why they got Dagny involved in their latest project.

“Dagny is such an incredible singer and artist, whose music we love so much,” said Bast. “We knew her voice would be so fitting for this duet and she totally delivered, really communicating such great emotion in her vocals.”

Dagny adds, “”Cave Rave” was the soundtrack to my life when I first moved to London many years ago. I was obsessing over Crystal Fighters and I’ve been dreaming of going to one of their shows ever since. When they reached out to hear if I wanted to sing on their new record “By Your Side” it was a pretty easy decision: hell yes. I think the song is amazing. I love the mood it puts me in!”

By Your Side” is a song which resonates with a positive message about being ultimate friendship goals. Of loyalty, and being the support, through good times and bad. When you add up all of these commendable qualities, we are left with an ebullient three-minute track which is incredible, uplifting and joyful. We get a reminder in the video that not all unconditional support and love comes from humans. Take a look at the footage below, your heart will be warmed.

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