I admire Cherryade for writing songs that are not merely about love and relationships, instead, going in on themes which have an edge towards social topics. Lyrically, the duo voices their opinions well but sometimes the music and the way the songs are delivered fall a little behind the bar, coming over as brattish. I know that these two individuals Ella and Alex are doing the damndest to get their voices heard. By their own admission have developed their sound from drunken teenage GarageBand demos to fully fledged left field pop bangers. Even so, this style can cut across the grain, if it isn’t balanced out in the right way. Thus, sometimes I love what they do (as with singles “Blah Blah” and “My Town“) and at other times they fall short of my expectations. The arrival of “Shout Loud” is one of the occasions when I am an extremely happy, bunny.

The new track is among Cherryade’s more melodic offerings. It has a riff which ears will find easiness in latching on to. There is no overkill of feistiness in Ella’s vocals, although she isn’t purring like a pussy cat either. Why should she be when, when on behalf of the duo she has an important message to deliver.

Speaking about the song, Ella said: “We wrote this song about feeling frustrated as both artists and people who work within the music and film industries, and how that plays a massive part in mental health.” Alex continues: “There’s a massive pressure to succeed but at the same time you’re constantly being told what you should and shouldn’t do, and what rules to follow… it kills the creativity in what everyone is doing, and just isn’t healthy for anyone involved”.

Cherryade’s swagger is natural, effortless and full of hunger and bite. Listening to their songs just makes me want to jump up and down and let off some steam. Every song they have released is a potential anthem. They have yet to smash through in a big way but feel they are now on course to achieve this sooner rather than later.

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