Ukrainian sibling duo Bloom Twins have a talent for combining dark, dramatic pop, haunting vocals and poignant, emotive lyrics. The twins elegantly chic, dark pop noir sets them apart, from the majority of female groups nonetheless they could probably, pack out arenas to capacity just the same as Little Mix do. Because they have been amassing big alternative-pop spine-tinglers with “Amnesia“, “Set Us Free“, and most recently the compelling, deeply meaningful “Talk To Me“. In fact, the sisters have already proved their striking musical style has the impact to fill stadiums when touring with the legendary Duran Duran, Seal and Nile Rodgers. The twins songs have a tendency, to delve into topics which take an insightful look at psyche and human nature. On the latest single “She’s Not Me” they make it all the more personal referencing their sisterhood, as twins.

On Facebook, the twins had this to say about, “She’s Not Me“, “It is the first track we ever wrote together, and we are so, happy to finally share it with you!” The sleek almost ethereal soundscape of the track is tinged with a disquieting disposition and brings the lyrics into even sharper focus. It’s the ladies saying yes we are identical twins and similar to look at but in other ways, we are different, such as identity and personas.

The Kuprienko sisters unique musical style should be looked upon as a source of inspiration to young aspiring artists, showing that it is possible to do what you love and to believe in yourself. Bloom Twins never comprise their signature style of hybrid, electronic pop in doing so they are crafting an emotive revolution where intrigue, curiosity and critical acclaim are achievements that are never far from reach.

The twins next UK gig is at the Camden Assembly, May 17th – tickets via TicketWeb HERE

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