Here’s some thoughtful and melodic pop music for you!

What She’s Like” is the debut effort by an exciting new artist called Boba K. She’s exciting to me because this is track is the kind of electronic decorated pop that I can all too easily fall hook-line and sinker for. First by setting the tone with a nice dreamy verse and soothing vocals that gather a sense of momentum. Building to a chorus that will have us all punching air as it approaches skyscraper heights of dynamic anthemic energy.

Don’t for one minute think this is just another throwaway summery anthem though, it has much more going for it. A really strong sense of melody and lyrics that stand up with a mettle attitude on board. Just to lighten it up a touch, there’s some crowdsourcing chants of hey and such like, which have found their way in to being incorporated for good affect and measure.

This song is solid in all that it’s giving and it’s got me thinking that Boba K is definitely embarking upon something pretty amazing, implemented of a whole lot of talent and competently confident understanding of what makes good pop.

Do I think that Boba K is more than a one hit wonder? Absolutely, I think this debut although, designed with buzz in mind exudes sparks of tenacious staying power. Our eyes on her, she’s on our radar.