Rae Morris

It’s fair to say that I’ve been through a journey of enlightenment this year with regard to emerging artist Rae Morris. Uppermost I have become utterly broken in adoring the clarity of the Blackpool songbirds pristine and esoteric giving vocals.

Listening to every new release that Rae has put out this year has had the same spellbinding effect with me and this is more than enough indication I feel that we should expect Rae’s upcoming debut album “Unguarded” (due January 2015) to fall nothing short of being an significantly impressive one. Actually, my order is in, I simply cannot wait for its undoubted gorgeousness to pleasure my ears.

No matter how much I have adored all of Rae’s previous singles, feel she has totally left the best till last when it falls to the choice of final album lead-in single, which goes to “Under The Shadows”. Another simply stunning body of work, spun of Rae’s quite wonderfully divine dynamic vocals all suitably further embraced by an imposingly epic synth soundscape with notable undertones placed of Florence And The Machine.