In follow up to poignant, honest “Bruises“. We find Sweden’s Cronicle (Melanie Mohlkert) remaining in a thoughtful place. The mood of self-examination and self-discovery are still firmly on her mind. But with her tools of earnest songwriting. Emotive musicality, and exploration of brooding electronica serving as a salve. She is bravely opening wounds to delve deep, on the topic of loneliness on her latest offering “Self Sabotage“.

You would never know of the adversities she has faced when listening to the instrumental soundtrack of the song alone. As it feels precision made by strong regulated beats, which exude authentic confidence all of their own. The sum of her experiences are built into the soul of the lyrics. She sings “I stare at the ceiling trying to tap into my feelings, but this head is a bomb, and my heart don’t know where it belongs.” Cronicle draws upon an incredible amount of vulnerability in these words. To describe an all-consuming sense of emptiness which has crept in and taken a-hold. The words are cutting, powerful and truthful. They are the stimuli to leave an imprint on the listener’s consciousness. And connect with these raw, exposed emotions.

“I found a lot of peace writing this song. Like with every time I write about something hard that has happened, it’s as though I’m turning the bad, and dark into something beautiful. I feel like today we’re surrounded by so much perfection it’s easy to get lost and feel alone. For me to share my struggles and imperfections here, I hope it can have the opposite effect for anyone who can relate”- CRONICLE

In the fast-paced world, we live in the urge to soldier on regardless and not check in with our feelings has become something of the norm. Perhaps we forget that our minds are a machine and from time to time require a service to ensure everything they do carries on ticking away as it should. This goes for feelings and emotions too. “Self Sabotage” is a beautifully written track that really hones in on what it is like to get caught up in a cycle of negativity where you’ve lost the spirit to lift yourself back up.

It is not easy to write with such sensitivity about deeply emotional topics. Cronicle has done a sterling job by allowing her heart to pour out in a song.

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Twitter: @CRONICLE__XI