The summer of last year brought a wind of change with it for German electronic duo Digitalism, they collaborated a release with indie band Youngblood Hawke on “Wolves” and the results we found to be going off in a positively engaging EDM direction, as we stated at the time “the most mainstream that Digitalism themselves have ever crossed over to“.

In sharing their re-envisioned sound the duo are back with more, presenting itself in a similar pop sensible vein.

A floor to wall banger is what you’d be calling track in question “Second Chance”. Whilst it might be seen somewhat as a game-changer for the Digitalism boys, it’s not so hugely bringing anything new into the realms of creative EDM production, be that the case you can’t deny either that “Second Chance” is a banging tune all told, fitted out with the duo’s hard hitting electro prowess at its core assisted by rousing vocals from Jens.

I’m actually glad that Digitalism are through the other side of the lesser received “I Love You Dude” sophomore album phase and had a re-think, as both previous single “Wolves” and now “Second Change” affirm Digitalism have firmly got their game face back on!