I was, first introduced to Irish singer-songwriter Searls a couple of years ago, when he came out with an emotively leaning style of electronic pop. He aroused interest by combining a softly evocative Celtic element into his music. It was definitely a world apart from the type of pop he was singing while doing backing vocals for Adele on her recent 2017 stadium tour. Following on from these successes the Irish man has teamed up with writer/producer/topliner Gil Lewis for the release of “Scar” which forms the first look of Searls upcoming EP.

This collaboration instantly signalled to me the track was going to sound quite a bit different to anything which has gone before it. Gil has worked with Stine Bramsen toured with Ellie Goulding and produced the 2018 UK Eurovision entry for SuRie, “Storm“. I was already aware of the pop-sensible style he works in and so, was fully prepared and hopeful for this Searls release to follow in the same suit. Without question, the soundscape of the track is electronic pop at it’s most vibrant, it even indulges, bringing in a nice touch of 8-bit programming into the melody of the song. It’s just enough of a subtle soft blend to fire up just a tiny bit of Donkey Kong or Mario Kart nostalgia for those of us who can remember it as part and parcel of the high tech video gaming revolution.

However as is the case with all of Searls songs, the singer-songwriter vibe remains strong. The lyrics are heartfelt and the melodies singable. The sound of the track falls between the two genres sounding retro and futuristic at the same time. It’s packed to the punch with cool synths and great vocals and is fizzing with energy. Searls refreshing, affecting, charming and sophisticated electronic-pop is precisely what British music needs now. It really is a joy to hear him explore a different path. As it makes for an evocative blend of electronic-pop coupled with his captivating vocals, one that will surely continue to earn him a growing audience.

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