I have spent quite a lot of time listening to and writing about emerging Australian artists lately. Strangely enough, there hasn’t been much of a word about new Scandinavian artists reaching me in a while. That was until the new music Friday releases piled in last weekend. Where among the mountain of press releases, tip-offs and emails I’ve since checked through the track “Rush” from Norwegian pop-starlet Emma Jensen stood out from the pack, as a sensational piece of electronic-pop mastery.

Emma Broke out last year and immediately began picking up a lot of interest with debut effort “Closer“, a soulfully swooning ballad with melancholic tendencies. I wasn’t ready to throw my support behind the release at the time since the brooding style of the track didn’t appeal to me. I can definitely, say the same opinion didn’t apply in regards to Emma’s vocals. Which I found to be suitably enchanting and frosty much in the unassuming ways most female Scandi artists are. “Rush” is the first in a run of new singles Emma plans to release this year and is quite unlike anything she has previously unleashed. In contrast, the style, in sound, on this track has been given a boldly, epic synth-pop makeover. So as the song could almost mistakably be passed off, as another piece of electronic-pop art made by other Scandipop notables, such as Kill J, Karin Park, Norell or Vanbot for examples.

The production and the spellbinding mood of the song are as pristine as you’d expect them to be when coming out of Scandinavia. Although it can be said, the track has a distinctive commercial edge which allows it to cross the brooding electronic landscape into the mainstream arena. There is a modern experimental 80’s pop feel in evidence which is steering the track skywards. Taking the listener on an utterly, majestic, and deeply intoxicating journey through Jensen’s influences in pop, maybe? If floating atop the songs bristling synth-pop beats where weren’t blissful enough, it is a delight to discover Emma Jensen’s remarkably, accomplished vocal, paves the way into a different world.

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