Well, it hasn’t taken TGC (The Green Children) long to shoot out another track. The electro-pop duo has hardly allowed us to draw breath after the release of dreamy, otherworldly “ECG,” however they are ever keen to follow up with a similarly, delicately spun effort by way of “Rooms.” I think we can assume, Milla and Marlow’s speed in sharing out this latest piece is because the track comes supported by a slightly spooky lyric video. And it fits in with the supernatural mood that comes around at this time of year.

I’m not feeling that was TGC’s intention that “Rooms” was specially made with Halloween in mind but it seems to have fallen in line quite nicely, all the same. “Rooms” is a ghostly story about searching for someone who may not exist” explains Milla. Oh dear, that sounds a bit dangerous, half dreaming people into life. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out quite the same if those we fantasise about while sleeping exists beyond dreams anyways. I’m more of the opinion, an earth angel like Milla is merely searching for a higher love.

The song is bathed in a beguiling mix of orchestrated strings and sonically warming synth tones, and Marlow has also added a gleaming polish of otherworldliness into the song’s production. This makes the track feel mysterious and magical. Like how Halloween might first have felt in pagan times perhaps before it became commercialised by blood, gore and special effects, as seen portrayed on our TV screen’s today. On the night where it is believed the door between this world and the next is open for spirits to pass through, Milla of TGC might just have struck gold with the right opportunity to land herself a heavenly stranger. I’m certain even a celestial being, will be enchanted by Milla’s angelic, endearing voice as much as we earth humans similarly are.

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