Today, producer and singer Butterjack (Aiden Grimshaw) has turned in a funky, slow-burning, slow jam. Revealing his soothing voice, as silky smooth as melted butter, paired with immersive, house styled beats. It has become a new kind of signature style for the artist, who last presented us with some of his “Hot Sauce” back in January. Thinking harder now about his type of production, the grooves, the style et al. Guess that this is at the crux of how the Butterjack name came about.

This time around Butterjack is crooning about a former lover, who is still very much stuck on his mind, even though he was the one who caused the break down in the first place. His mind is in flashback mode recalling the good times but, guess he didn’t realise how good he had things until it was too late to limit the damage caused after foolishly messing up. When the trust is gone, it is hard to earn it back. Nonetheless, the picture which exists in his head is that of his ex, who walks just like Rihanna.

I can’t say that I’ve particularly taken any notice of how the seventh-best-selling music artist worldwide (Rihanna, accordingto Wikipedia) totters around. However, boy band, The Wanted became so fascinated by the way the pop singer puts one foot in front of the other they also penned a song “Walks Like Rihanna” noting the same. Conclusion, the global pop star must move some kinda way to have two songs written about the way she walks.

This Butterjack song is firmly placed in the chill-out zone. Imagine it being partway used as a remedy to soothe a hungover party-head. Who is sleeping off too many indulgences, lounging by the poolside terraces and drinking up the holiday sun. In more than one sense the slinky nature of the song is a salve to recuperation. Although, hopes seem to be at a loss for healing and making amends with his ex for Butterjack. He can at least be happy in the knowledge he knows how to expertly, glow up, a chillaxed pop jam.

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