Australian singer, songwriter and producer Trove possesses a most illuminating voice. Dreamy, yet emotively expressive and downright buttery smooth. At times hushed, while at other times quite animated. He shows some superb versatility as a vocalist. In fact, there is nothing about his artistry which feels rough around the edges at all. Which in itself is a very good place to be coming out from for any emerging artist. However, don’t be alluded, LA residing Trove has definitely put lots of hard work in before striking out with his lush new single “Revelry.” To be precise, a year’s worth of collaborations paved the way before he began to release his own original music.

Taking home the Grand Prize Win for the Nashville Film Festival Inaugural Songwriting Competition judged by Timbaland is yet another proud achievement. Leading Drew Southwell aka Trove, to recently sign with Sony Europe/Disco: Wax. I feel they are very fortunate to have scooped him up. To my mind, he is the epitome of a fully formed artist.

The single “Revelry” is the first taste of his forthcoming debut EP. Melodically it is a splendid mix of delicate piano keys teamed with soft electronic pulses. The mood and soundscape it emits is pleasantly chilled, soothing and calming.The narrative speaks of learning to appreciate the small moments in time that are absolute and perfect in every way. Hinted at from the lyrics “you thread an arm through mine,” and “Through a telescope, we searched for hope.” These are like the tiny little gestures shared by friends or lovers which although, may at first seem insignificant, leave us feeling fulfilled and contented.

There are no hard-hitting, banging club beats. Instead what Trove gives us on this song is warmly inviting atmospheric energy and a vocal which is blissfully beautiful to listen too. Although it might be too early to conclude Trove has a knack for slick hooks and sleek, streamlined melody-making. It occurs to me, well at least on “Revelry” he does.

Connect with Trove
Twitter: @listentotrove