They say there is a song to suit every mood. When thinking about “Replay” by multi-faceted producer, DJ, vocalist & songwriter Amanda Mayo, AKA Slow Shudder. She knows how to bring out the best of swirling synth-pop grooves headed up by love soaked lyricism. A music clever combination enough, to turn a worldly worn and weary head to the sweetest of mindsets. The single is from her forthcoming EP, “Off The Rails” which further explores the exciting evolution of her sound as a solo artist.

The track is definitely pitched at listeners who prefer their electronic pop not to be so banging. (Which to be fair, I haven’t heard of too many, bam, bam fist in the air anthems to speak of on course for summer domination, winging their way over to me, as yet.) Anyway, we have Slow Shudder’s dreamlike vocal harmonies, washes of electronic grooves and hypnotic beats to luxuriate in and slink into. Being the perfect encapsulation of what it feels like when we open the door to love again after experiencing the dark drama heartbreak brings.

While her skills are in production and musicality are wholly evident. On “Replay” it is the lyrics and storytelling where Slow Shudder excels. So beautifully and with tenderness, Amanda Mayo bares all of her soul while never losing composure. She has used the track to articulate her most personal feelings and shared it all with us. Without surrendering to an inch of vulnerability. We are hearing the power of love at work, hitting us right between the ears. A blissfully, emotive introduction to Slow Shudder. Her elegant synth-pop does truly bring about an inescapable, sonic wonderland. Close your eyes and drift away.

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Twitter: @slow_shudder