London based electronic pop duo July Child are no strangers to scaling the heights of the Spotify streaming charts. Their innovatively crafted production pieces and remix works have sent them to such places as the Ultra festival in Korea, with billing alongside Chase & Status and Martin Garrix.

The majority of the material July Child has already put out falls within the domain of EDM tapering into the area of house. The duo isn’t one to settle in the same place with their sound. In trying new styles out, the preference is to leap about a bit and see if their risks will pay out.

July Child’s current single “Be Real” is one which isn’t adhering to a pattern, the soundscape is more out on a limb for the band, traversing the crossover into pop. It is a jolly nice sound if a little of reminiscent of Ace of Base yet is suitably distinctive enough to ensure it will reap the rewards of inclusion on summer themed playlists.

My feeling is “Be Real” might begin as a bit of a sleeper hit for July Child. When the sun comes out, a track with all the right summery vibes like this should see its play count soar.

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Twiter: @JulyChildMusic