Oh yes, we’ll have a bit of this latest BB Diamond collaboration I said to myself when the track hit my inbox, in an unprecedented flurry activity this last New Music Friday. Ordinarily, I’d reign back from sharing a track that’s, so obviously dance floor inspired as this is but, the infectious hook sampling legendary house track ‘Disco’s Revenge’ by Gusto was too hard to ignore as was the pulling power of BB Diamond’s vibrant, club diva in command vocals.

DJ Ryan Blyth is the mastermind behind the grooves on the track. Regarded as one of the leading house music producers for his big bass-driven signature style the DJing, producer whizz has drawn acclaim from such production heavy-weights in the field as Roger Sanchez, Gorgon City, Disciples and Rudimental. On “Raise A Glass” especially, the way in which Ryan seamlessly ties in the “Disco Revenge” sample into the mix of driving bass and piano house stabs is pretty darn magnificent, to say the, least. In, terms of club bangers, the track is currently, among the biggest splashes in the dance floor filling world. And because of the tracks highly catchy melody and uncompromising punchy, anthemic style, a summer of crowded dance floors seem inevitable, to happen.

Putting BB Diamond front-of-house on such a modern woman liberated anthem as this feels as though, she’s finally on course for recognition on a much bigger scale, which is very much, deserved in my opinion. BB’s awesome vocals on the song take you to a special place in your head. Suddenly in a split of a minute, you’ll be found dancing and celebrating shutting down a player instead of putting up with his games by singing along with her when this titan of club-inspired grooviness takes hold.

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Connect with BB Diamond
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