It doesn’t seem more than a hot minute since Hannah Jane Lewis popped up on our radar with independently released mini electronic pop masterpieces “Why Start A War” and “Bend and Break“. The tracks not only won the attention of pop fans but, also lead to the newcomer signing with Hot Hot Records/Polydor.

Hannah’s first single on the label is “Raincheck“. A lovely colourful song with an unashamedly infectious melody that is so pleasantly easy on the ear and yet sizzling with charismatically honeyed vocals. That is practically drizzling with gorgeously golden yumminess and peach perfect goodness, like a premium electronic pop smoothie packed to the max with fruity flavours.

Raincheck“, is quite a few shades different from the evocative dark pop stylings of Hannah’s previous tracks but, raises the stakes with tremendous potential using her songwriting skills and intoxicating vocals to appeal to a more mainstream audience. Well it’s a winning combination, isn’t it? Hannah Jane Lewis sure knows how capture my attention – does she capture yours?

Connect with Hannah Jane Lewis
Twitter: @hjlofficial