I really love it when new bands reach out by email as a way of introducing me to their music. Especially up-and-coming set-ups like Birmingham duo Real Cool who are finding their niche, capturing the indie, synth-pop style of the 80s and 90s into their tracks. The duo didn’t have to search far for band members, the two-piece act, are brothers Thomas Pledger-Barton and Jacob Barton. They have been releasing music since 2017 and recently unleashed a single called “Wet Hair Weekends,” which I thought was a really neat title for a song, to be honest. It was this song’s alluring name alone, which prompted me to spend some time and look closely at their little catalogue of tracks. Real Cool also sent me an early preview of their new single “Be Quiet” which is being unleashed onto digital platforms from today.

Not all bands that reach out to me, and who are at a grassroots, level turn out to be very good. With what I consider to be a bedroom pop aesthetic, Real Cool buck the trend. I instantly warmed to their style and sound, specifically because it is not overproduced and tampered with. I feel at this early stage, it is lovely to be able to connect with the raw and unfiltered energy which is translated into their songs. It is a delight, as sometimes I get a little bored of listening to artists and bands who have already been picked up by a label and are receiving heaps of guidance, so as to make their mark. Give me an opportunity to look beyond that, I’ll take it up, give it the same chance to woo me like any other blog submission I receive. It’s a thrill.

The duo’s new release “Be Quiet” has been written about a relationship falling apart. How, after being on the receiving end of the initial blow, self-survival instincts kick in. The moment when reality strikes and is really hard to process what is happening, but you say the things maybe you should have said earlier, in a desperate attempt to salvage everything. Happy day, after Valentines Day everybody!

With “Be Quiet” Real Cool are really starting to make some headway. It is their most accomplished effort to date. They are rising stars delivering, lyrically relatable songs for the millennial generation. Their style and sound is in-line with current indie-pop trends. And, all of these assets, look favourably promising for an emerging band, especially at this early point in Real Cool’s music career.

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