Quote me on this. One of the most exciting emerging electronic pop duo’s by far is Storme. In a little over a year, the outfit has been making strong impressions with their hypnotically, beguiling tracks “Volcano“, “Starlight” and “Be My Drummer“. For me, the band have hit upon the right balance of energy and wonderment that has me completely enthralled by them, time after time. Amanda and Gabrielle brought us a supply of quality releases last year, thankfully they are keen to back this up by continuing the trend onwards with a new single “Queen“.

Queen” is inspired by the worst day of my life,” explains lead singer, Amanda Liedberg. “I realised I’d suffered enough, my eyes were dry, and I was ready to walk away from a toxic relationship. With this song, I could let my frustration out – but also regain my power. It’s sort of a goodbye letter, with a twist.”

You might think it strange of me to mention of a track with a throbbingly explosive chorus, that I particularly like the song’s quietest moments the best. The fragility in the verses definitely shapes the mood. These sections are filled with a haunting, suspense which leads me to think about, what a bold showcase of the duo’s stylistic versatility “Queen” is. Very uplifting but dark at the same time. Of the lyrics, they are beyond moving. Written as looking back in at times of unrest, detailing painful memories. To triumphantly moving forward to a place of newfound self-worth. The track is potent and unforgiving. A rightful overdose of diva power.

From the offset “Queen” had my heart-racing. It’s yet, another stellar example of the duo’s musicality and their knack for the craft of songwriting. To my mind, Storme has the passion, the soul, the power and the tunes. They deserve to be massive. Keep watching and listening, this duo is breaking ground.

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