I remember being approached by electronic-pop outfit Prime a few years ago, when they were first testing as a duo. There were encouraging signs of potential in their chosen synthy direction and I saw the bands grasp of musicality as being melodically seducing.

Fast forward to the present, Prime no longer exist as a duo but are now pushing ahead as a solo project with this being the only alteration made to the music project of Prime. The statement-making lyrical backbone and sharp visual aesthetics remain unchanged. Striking out as a solo act doesn’t appear to be a daunting prospect as the results of releasing the zippy, love anthem “Poison” reveals.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that you’ll probably hear a hotpot of music influences spanning Britney to Zedd to David Guetta coming through on this track. It seems to me as though, it was purposefully made this way. What I adore the most about Prime is that the project to still carrying a torch for electronic pop.