Alma’s new single “Phases” with French Montana is rather Tove Lo sound-a-likey isn’t it? When I first heard it, I couldn’t get over the similarity! Don’t get me wrong I love Alma to bits but, I am now becoming tired of these collaborations. I guess I was spoiled seeing her triumphant set at The Great Escape earlier this year and I’m thirsty to the point of parched for a studio version of “Drunk Tattoos“. The live footage of this track which keeps popping up on YouTube just adds to my impatience. Add “Addicted” to the wish-list as well.

The lyric video for “Phases” has just been unleashed upon the pop masses, and I can’t help but notice even its provocative visual content is more akin to Tove Lo’s, empowering but, controversial music videos. It makes me want to shout out loud, “don’t lose your authenticity, Alma”, as it was exactly this, that hit me like a ton of bricks at The Great Escape. The saving grace is there isn’t a customary Tove Lo f-bomb churned up in “Phases“, lyrics. I really liked Tove Lo in the beginning but, I now find her over-use of dropping the f-bomb in every song, cringeworthy.

Phases“, is co-written by Charli XCX and Noonie Bao. Charli is also one of the heavy hitters who is working with Alma on her highly anticipated debut album. This track doesn’t go as hard as Alma’s previous singles and collaborations, in comparison it is quite silky smooth. Alma’s powerhouse vocals prevail though, and it is this that continues to make an impression on me rather than her shock of neon green hair.

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