I have had many new music submissions to listen through since I returned from my holiday but, I keep coming back to the Jason Nolan track “Palma Fauna“. It must mean that I like it quite a lot, and even though it doesn’t come with the best press photos, I feel I should write about the track all the same. I am noticing, Jason would prefer to focus on making music than, being pushed in front of a camera for a photo shoot as even the cover artwork for all of his track releases are art illustrations.

Jason is a producer born in London & bred on the periphery. Is signed to Majestic Casual Records and his style reminds me quite a lot of Fryars, (who I got pretty excitable about back in the day.) The new EP out is “Late Night City Hawks“, itself a curious title which Jason explains, “is about feeling smothered by a metropolis and generally about how much the environment you surround yourself in can completely steer your ambition and behaviour.” That might feel, an explanation that is a tad too deep for some of us, so I suggest we just jump to listening to the music instead.

The track that caught my attention from the EP is “Palma Fauna“, it’s catchy and expertly constructed in lyrics, melody and production. I like the mellow style moreover, could Jason Nolan be on his way to challenge the production greatness of acts like Flume? Late night grooves and dreamy beats say that Jason is not far behind on the trajectory of his contemporaries to cause a little stir of competitive success for himself.

Connect with Jason Nolan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasonmakesmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonmakesmusic/