Krystal Klear 1

I pulled this track out of the mail bag because it has the whole Inner City “Big Fun” vibe going on that I am more than sold with. I mean who didn’t go at “Big Fun” largely!

Sometimes, you just have to up and boogie, and production maestro Krystal Klear is into creating all manner of that.

Also rather interested that vocal duties are coming from Yasmin, who first came to our attention a few years ago debuting with “On My Own” and “Light Up The World”. As well as doing the biz as a DJ mostly, Yasmin has been stepping into the studio, most celebratedly of late she collaborated on Gorgon City’s “Real” as they began to storm the music scene.

When it comes to spiralling us into a nu-retro whirl of 80’s disco shapes “One Night Only” successfully throwback’s and lands us on the neon cloud of reminisce at the local roller disco.