Hey everyone, its Nonô’s birthday this week and she is doing the sweetest thing in celebration. She’s releasing her follow-up single, to her sultry, summer debut “Bite.” The singer who is originally from Brazil but now resides in London struck out during August with the coolest, slick, track. “Bite” was a very classy, choice of song to unleash at the height of the summer season when most new music releases tend to concentrate on bringing festival vibes. Of “Nothing to Me” the sophomore release. The emerging pop starlet continues to create her own sound, blending elements of UK Garage and 90’s R&B with honest, tales and personal lyrics.

Nothing to Me” was inspired by when we receive texts from various boy lixo or girl lixo (lixo means ‘trash’ in Brazilian slang). The song is about moving past these situations and no longer tolerating these behaviours. I wanted the production of the song to have a beat similar to Funk Carioca but mixing it with Electro-Pop elements.” – Nonô

This song is another super confident effort by Nonô. The Songstress is flying high, packing this song with some extra synth sparkle while enclosing supremely catchy licks into the three minutes and seventeen seconds of this track. Emotion courses, through the lyrical statements made in this song and the vocal, is distinctive, dreamy. Flush with an infectious pop sentiment. Actually, with this song, we find out this young lady is quite the smooth talker, even though she is calling out an ex. You see, she is a smooth operator when it comes to combining melody and words, there is a genuine intensity in everything she says here. I think the intended recipient of these lyrics, will have realised they have been outclassed by the power of Nonô’s smooth silky voice, alone. She serves up a helping of whip-smart, attitude and that’s just how we like it.

Nonô has a very bright future, and it is blinding. Watch out for her!

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