In recent weeks I have seen a great run of singles come through by Hannah Jane Lewis. From the full-throttle pop of “Last Night Every Night” to the shimmering collaborative offering “Never Say Never” with UK producer/DJ Draper. Hannah Jane’s stunning voice has been the focus of some brilliant pop efforts. We’ve have had to wait a few months for this new material to become readily available for our enjoyment. The way this surge of releases have happened reminds me of when I am stood waiting for the bus that doesn’t show up on time, and ten minutes later three, turn up in quick succession. I am stoked these tracks have arrived. What they each have in common, is they are all highly melodic, bright and catchy. Strengths which are also applied to the latest track “Not Yours Never Was” lifted-off the singer’s new self-titled EP, both of which were released last week.

Her voice is quite, honeyed and sweet. You don’t necessarily expect that she uses this alluring sheen to allow her to percolate lyrics, which can crush a besotted admirer down to size. About the track, Hannah says:

“​Not Yours Never Was” is actually about a time in high school when a guy I knew decided to completely blow a situation between him and I way out of proportion to make him look cooler – ‘locker room talk’ as some may say! This song is calling him out for lying and all about taking the narrative and power back! It feels a bit like a girl power anthem for me and is my favourite song to sing in my live shows. I wrote it a couple years ago now with the very talented Jonny Lattimer and Karen Poole, and am so happy it is finally out!”

There is a lot of pop gold to mine here. The self-titled EP and the single releases boast an increasingly recognisable sound that fans and critics will continue to connect with. Because these songs are crafted in such a way to ensure they will stay pleasantly placed in your head which uncontrollably bobs and hums for the rest of the day. By keeping on working and developing her electronic led approach to making songs Hannah Jane Lewis has honed in on a style of pop that makes you want to hear more from her. Much more.

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