Pop newcomer thisisNAMASTE (Natasha Marie Stewart) follows up confident debut effort “Exactly What You Want” with another slice of impressionable pop. The Scottish singer’s second release “Not My Fault“, sees her in a contemplative mood. Getting in touch with her emotions, arriving in a place where she is ready to take on the world. The track showcases thisisNAMASTE’s effortless vocal on a commentary of a topic we can all relate to.

She explains…

“’Not My Fault‘ is about coming to the realisation after the breakdown of a turbulent relationship, that you are not to blame for what happened. It is representing, a rebirth of yourself and accepting that the fault did not lay with you, but with them.” – thisisNAMASTE

The style of this track falls into the same lane as that used by Rita Ora. A flirty pop vibe set to a danceable beat. Seeing as the newcomer previously worked backing vocals for Ora, that a little bit of the popstar’s styling has rubbed off on her, is probably not to be unexpected. However, the singers gentle, airy vocals are combined with more than a pinch of strong-willed attitude. Affirming the piece is not just a smooth, sounding melodic
track alone, with a lilting sense of melancholia, but is fuelled by profoundly deeper topics.

Two tracks in, we are now becoming accustomed to thisisNAMASTE’s vibe and modern sound. She makes us aware that songs can be soft without being gutless. And shows us, in times of crisis, the full beauty of what harnessing our inner strength can do. If I were asked to write one sentence only, describing her music. I would say, thisisNAMASTE has addictive songs which are captivating from start to finish. And that you should go check them out for yourselves. Personally, what I like most about the singer is that it feels to me that she isn’t holding back. Because of the unvarnished approach to her lyrics, I can’t wait to hear what she does next.

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