Quite honestly how can I stop writing about another Swedish artist when the music is always to good to skip over. Sometimes I think to myself if it wasn’t for, the high concentration of Scandinavian artists, pop as we know it today might be in quite a sorrowful, state. Someone else notably, rising up through the ranks is Stockholm based singer Rhys who has been impressively making waves with her personable brand of pop music, and has just released the single “No Vacancy“, which I consider her most, appealing yet.

Lyrically the track deals with Rhys thoughts on her current relationship, recently telling The Fader, “No Vacancy” is about a very, specific person who had been toying with my emotions for a little too long. Ironically, my current boyfriend. This song is about drawing-the-line, me or them.” Amidst the earnest lyrics, the burgeoning powerhouse gives us a full hit of her vocal capabilities swirling around a dreamy melody. With a dance beat beneath it and Rhys chirpy vocals, I haven’t been able to shake “No Vacancy” from my head ever since I first heard the tune.

On former buzzworthy singles “Last Dance” and “Too Good To Be True” it’s apparent the Swede was carving out her own lane. Maintaining momentum, with “No Vacancy“, the upfront and almost uncomfortably honest single prompts the listener to sit up, pay attention and see what else this Swedish solo artist has up her sleeve. From the chilly North of Europe, Rhys brings you bold music and lyrics that will make you tingle with excitement and your heart race in a different BPM. There’s absolutely no denying she is very quickly developing into a future star.

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