It’s a mystery to me how I haven’t heard about Nick Wilson before being introduced to “All the Same“, the singer-songwriters beautiful new single. As the summer anthems and festival cuts begin to populate everywhere at the rate of knots it is rather lovely to find a soothing, electronic-pop ballad nestling among the party-styled, beat flavours. Ordinarily, ambient pop falls foul of grabbing my attention, not so “All the Same” which has a noticeably lovely Aquilo style of vibe to it.

The sonic harmonies are particularly enveloping on this track. The whole feel of the song is deep, hypnotic and exquisitely crafted with dreamy textures and uncompromisingly soulful, tender sound. The melodically steered vocals have an instantly addictive allure about them. They are cool, calm, and collective creating a mood over storytelling. Where Wilson explores what it feels like to leave someone – explaining, “leaving someone may be the most logical thing to do, and you could even be the one ending things, but it still kills you inside in some way. It’s a really, heartbreaking sentiment.”

Even so, the evocatively crafted soundscape shapes emotions of wistful romance, touching on melancholy. Nick Wilson takes the listener on an unparalleled journey packing an emotional punch as he looks defiantly into the future. The vibe is lovely and thoughtful. Plaintive, understated but hook-laden. Wilson has a distinctive tone, in his vocal which is felt, as well as, heard a rare beauty spills through his lyric, his melody and his idyllic voice. In a span just shy of four minutes this float-away dreamy song demonstrates, Nick Wilson is a lyrical artist who is not afraid to set easy sounds against hard truths. His ability to craft his skills so that it culminates in a beautiful song like “All the Same” is without question a formidable talent, in itself.

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Twitter: @uknickwilson