When morgxn released his excellent debut album “vital” last year, I found it be an emotionally expressive account of someone who was seeking to find his place. Mend himself from life’s scars. Periods of sadness, etc. While always being mindful to look to the light.”vital” was vital, a pivotal body of work from morgxn. A way of gaining closure from demons and the darkness. Pop-rock stomper “home” was the biggest success from the album, a song about belonging and being at peace. He had turned a corner. The indie-pop singer continues on in a positive direction, the latest single is “A New Way.” An anthem, charting hopeful yearning and aspirations.

The song is the perfect outing for the return of morgxn’s soulful powerhouse voice. The prominent use of a kick drum throughout the duration of the track is no match for the mightiness of these vocals. The melody may be bright and bold, but it is the vocalist who is in charge here. He has an important message to speak about. Freeing ourselves from anxiety, embracing confidence, and learning how to stand tall when the waters around us brew up a choppy storm.

You cannot fail to notice that the lyrics come from anywhere other than from the heart and soul. In sharing his experiences with others, morgxn empowers with clarity a sense of resilience, leading to a place where happiness exists. Noticeably there is a more joyful tone to this song which hasn’t been present in this way, before. The change in gear and style of the track is a timely reminder that nothing positive comes of standing still. Adopting a brave attitude, there is only one-way morgxn’s presence on the pop scene is going… forwards.

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