Penguin Prison

Photo by Bjorn Iooss

Having recently dropped a major electro-pop single “Calling Out”, word is, there is soon to be a new Penguin Prison album on the way.

With the chances ever the more positively pointing towards this album being chock-full of pop golden feel-good choons, as Penguin Prison pulls out of the bag “Never Gets Old”, an addictively alluring pop parcel of hook driven momentum which literally is bubbling over in its own sunny infectious rhythm.

Co-written by the brains behind electronic pop duo MNDR, Amanda Warner and Peter Wade, all told, it’s quite the case here, that the “Never Gets Old” bassline is hubba hubba funked up in the 80’s, rather like a backbone of vintage purple Prince glam meets George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex”.

A peppy retro pop bundle of fierceness if ever you and I / we heard one, and therefore, is currently increasing the excite, on the wait out to the album.