West coast native LO is a fresh music discovery, who recently came to my attention by way of the straight-up catchy, pop song “Drumline.” Her refreshingly, addictive brand of pop and wholly distinctive voice set her apart from the rising pack of female artists currently gaining ground. Added to this LO’s DIY aesthetic really struck a chord with me. Her vocals may be on the sugary sweet side, but a balance is found by introducing sparkling synths and truthful lyrics which add substance to her bubblegum, alluring signature style. On follow-up single, “Naked” the singer makes haste to show us she’s embossed this release with her all encompassed creative authority, as well.

LO produced & mixed the song with collaborator Paige Blue, co-founder of their new production group simply titled, GIRLS. I can’t help but salute this pairing for their sense of purpose to readdress female disparity in the music industry. Empowerment is very soul-stirring, uplifting in this instance. “I loved creating a song focused on only the emotional, using such a physical title such as “Naked.” My songwriter’s brain was obsessed with the concept & I had an incredible time bringing it to life with my female producing partner, Paige Blue,” LO told me, over email.

There is no denying LO has a cool vision-focused head on her shoulders. It allows her to take prettily, shiny pop melodies, and intuitively spin them into another genius dimension by the power of her intelligently thought-out lyrics. Far beyond, the sweet pop appeal, the savvy newcomer delivers slick stand-out tunes. Latest track “Naked” has all the metal to win her an army of new fans while keeping her old ones more than interested.

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