Have you noticed that boy/girl music duos are the new boy band/girl bands? Two is the magic number when it comes to emerging bands these days, at least during this year anyway.

There’s a new duo in Philadelphia who has been garnering some well-deserved attention they are Magdalena Bay. They have a few songs out already which cover an unabashed disco pop style. As I poured over Magdalena Bay’s tracks on Spotify, I pretty much have become obsessed the band’s greatly synth powered tracks “#wastehistime” and the rather splendid disco funk reimaging of the classic Tears For Fears song “Heads Over Heels“.

I am living in electric dreams with Magdalena Bay’s current single “Move Slow“, which they sent over to me. The track starts off with a heavy disco beat and hands over to the synths continuing swinging back and forth like this. Vocalist Mica Tenenbaum has the perfect breathy style down to an art much like the old school disco classics back in the day. It’s lovely to know disco stalwarts like Anita Ward, Amii Stewart and Donna Summer still have some influence in the music made by present day newcomers.

Magdalena Bay’s “Move Slow“, is utter music refreshment. There isn’t a cow bell to be heard anywhere which is the only minor disappointment, but the disco dazzler chorus alone will make you feel alive.

Connect with Magdalena Bay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magbae/
Twitter: @MagdalenaBay
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magdalenabay/