The duo Tiger and Bloom first came to our attention this summer with debut “Hearts On Fire” it sounded so polished and commercial, I assumed they must be signed to a major label. The Canadian two-piece is breaking out at the same time as the American duo Loote, and I feel it a fair comment to make that they are both pretty much coming out of the same gate with regards to their style of pop. Even so, Loote has big label steerage with Island Records whereas Tiger and Bloom do not. Picking up on the momentum achieved with sterling pop effort “Hearts On Fire“, Tiger Rose and Rikki Bloom launch sophomore single “Monster“, a lyrically beautiful track which is anything but your average pop song.

The song is a musical hotbed of tormented desire, Tiger Rose clarifies, “Monster is about being in a toxic relationship, one that brings out the worst in you where you no longer like the person you’ve become.” The song seems quite subtle at first but soon becomes addictive because of the duo’s well-crafted, heartfelt melodies with a vibey, pop sensibility. It would be real, good if a track like “Monster“, made it onto radio as I feel it would sit well there, all it needs is to get onto some really, good and influential Spotify playlists for it to achieve the support it deserves.

The result is a confident sound which is sexy, energetic, and inspired by many of today’s, trailblazing artists. Give it just one listen and, you’ll be singing along.

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