Alphabeat’s beatmakers Anders and Anders have been recording under their new moniker THANKS for a couple of years with the Danish duo concentrating their efforts on filling out the dancefloor with the biggest, of grooves.Channelling house, funk, rock, pop, techno, dance and disco the duo shapeshift genres with versatility transforming them into some of the most invigorating clubland offerings, around. The beatsmiths sent us into a dizzy spin with their debut “Dizzy“, and had us shaking our groove thangs to the funk fresh vibes of Sam Sparro collaboration “I’m Your Man“. Announcing their debut album “Mind Expansion” Anders and Anders continue their creative streak, packing heat on the title track, giving us a sneak peek of what is to come.

Leading from a new dancefloor perspective, the duo’s slick, energised EDM harks back to the best disco funk tunes for inspiration pepped, up with 21st-century future forward grooves. These Danish mavericks make serious waves as dance floor innovators, in the electronic scene, expanding minds with their trippy beats, the music comes from a place where the musicians lose themselves in dreams and imagination. Anders and Anders comment, “On this song, we have no features or co-writers. “Mind Expansion” is us, in the studio, with all the energy that is around, above and beyond us. We reached out and gained access to new parts of the THANKS consciousness.”

I don’t usually feel, all the feels from heavily instrumental tracks, but I couldn’t help be mesmerised in a happy haze by the mind-altering, kaleidoscopic beats of “Mind Expansion“. The distinct sound is a collision between different approaches to making music. The addictive, sexy disco style, encourages listeners to dance like nobody’s watching, or better still like an, ex is watching.

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Twitter: @THANKSmusik