Irish sister duo Heathers stunning synth pop track “Midnight Train” has completely caught my attention. In fact, I’m drooling over it right now. These softly spoken ladies have beautifully lilting voices which flow into seamless harmonies, making the prettiest pop songs burn bright with a whole lot of gorgeousness.

I have just learned that Heathers have been making music for the past decade, but I probably haven’t heard about them before because they are edging into a different direction these days. Introducing more of an electronic sound into their repertoire which first began with a traditional twist of traditional Irish folk origins, as you would naturally expect. I think the McNamara sisters of Heathers have found the perfect collaborator in producer Liam Howe to make the transition as special as it could be. Afterall, Liam is noted for working with Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding and Foxes, all artists who carry themselves in a similar synth, alt-pop vein.

I’m a few plays in, but there is a strong indication that this delicately soothing song with its enveloping melodies and a gentle uplifting sound, is about to become a new obsession with me. I am in complete pop love with the shades of Kate Bush coming through in the lead vocal and which appears more pronounced in the chanting sections of the chorus. The graceful, timeless elegance of “Midnight Train” is just exquisite, to say the least of it. It is one of those tracks you can easily get submerged into. I’ve got to admit now that I have racked up a few more plays I am well and truly captivated under its whimsically enchanting spell.

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