I wrote about one of Kat Saul’s early releases back in 2017 when she had only just begun putting out tracks online. I liked that she had such a quirky uniqueness about her and I hoped she wouldn’t either disappear off the radar or be encouraged by industry insiders to take a mainstream approach in her music. This week her name popped up in my inbox again, by way of introducing me to new single “Middle Name.” I’m pleased to report after getting in, my all important first listen of the song. Kat’s songwriting credibility remains intact as one of Nashville’s most buzzed about young songwriters.

It is quite noticeable to assume Kat is making strides to snatch the crown as a new queen of the bops. She has debuted three singles over the last eighteen months, and they each have one thing in common. They are melodically, interesting and catchy. Penning thoughtful lyrics is where she continues to shine out. To the uninitiated listener of Kat Saul’s music, the lyrics of the current single may appear as though they are comprised of a set of random, rapid-fire questions. On closer inspection, we quickly come to realise. “Middle Name” is an exploration of a relationship’s honeymoon phase; those dazzling and almost fantastical moments when you’re still just getting to know each other.

The style of “Middle Name” is best described as playful pop. As it’s tone is brightly effervescent. The track was written with frequent collaborators Luke Arens & Paige Blue (Blue also collaborates with the singer LO.) But at the heart of her songs, you can tell it is Kat Saul who puts her own stamp on these sounds and words. Above all to note about Kat Saul is, she is savvy, with the headstrong maturity of an artist who knows exactly who she is and where she is headed.

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