I was so happy to receive a message yesterday from Ky Ismet, one of our EQ faves from way back. I was particularly thrilled to hear from him because all has been far too quiet on the Ky Ismet music front for my liking for, so long. Originally from Shropshire, Ky moved up to London in a bid to become more connected to the music industry and in 2009 he first made it onto the pages of EQ after we discovered his fantastic electro-pop track “Punisher“. And we last caught up with him when he collaborated with Latvian DJ [Ex] da Bass on euro dance stomping number “I Need Somebody”.

Ky’s return to music coincides with the pop wonderboy celebrating a milestone birthday. On Instagram, he casually announced the arrival of “Memory” like this “30 years! Sounds like a song might be in order!” while further telling me he decided to release the song “To celebrate life and all the people we lose along the way but pray we never forget.”

The track is a mid-tempo number of a lo-fi style, awash with soft focus synths, earnest, cooing vocals and a slow pulsing dreamy melody. The soft hues of the song amplify his songwriting, echoing a sense of heartache, loss, but also of joy and hope, exploring in a mellow rhythmic and reflective way life-affirming context. As thoughts of reflection turn to soul-searching offering a glimpse of enlightenment to latch onto, along the way. Over the years, a steady stream of new music releases may have been in short supply from Ky Ismet but, I know when he chooses to unleash a new tune it will have been worth the wait, no matter how long I’m left hanging in anticipation because the quality and vocal delivery never wavers. It only gets stronger.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ky.ismet
Twitter: @KyIsmet
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kynosaur/