Some of the shiniest pure pop releases to have been released this year have been those from emerging singer-songwriter Lo. Straight-up catchy tracks “Drumline” and “Naked” put the pop talent on our radar. And every time I have written about her, I am sent emails from other burgeoning singers telling me how much they have also enjoyed Lo’s tracks. In the eyes of the newcomers, Lo is already someone to aspire to. This speaks a lot about her savviness, all-around musicianship and talent. Speaking of which her last track “Naked” was produced & mixed with collaborator Paige Blue, co-founder of their new production group, GIRLS. Following in its wake is “Mantra” the singers second all-female produced single with Blue created under the GIRLS production banner.

Like putting pieces of a puzzle together, track-by-track and with the help of her lyrics and music styles we are getting to know Lo a little better. To date, the mood has been upbeat, bright and endearingly cute. However, she is astute and keen not to become pigeonholed by just the one tag. Before we become too comfortable with the sparkly candy-dipped melodies. On “Mantra” she’s adding a new flavour in, so as to keep our taste buds tingling. Opting for a smidgeon of urban styled freshness, the singer merges her signature sugary beats, streamlining them around a hip-pop shaped dynamic.

Much in a similar vein to the unique style of electronic pop put together by Neon Hitch. Lo is spilling the grooves in such a way that they still fit comfortably within the pop realm. Even with, the slight stylist change on board, “Mantra” is sure to be stuck on your brain in much the same way, as her previous pop delights.

Connect with Lo
Twitter: @OfficialLoMusic