It’s been three years since I first wrote about East London singer/songwriter Mainey. I thought it was his time to make a big splash on the music scene as he had the tunes and skills to do so. I know I wasn’t the only one to think this way because Mainey already has the support of celebrity pop fans in Pixie Lott, MNEK, BB Diamond and production duo Blonde after working with these artists on the sidelines.

It’s a shame that Mainey’s hugely accomplished debut EP “Nostalgia“, didn’t do more than impress more than a discerning few of us. It deserved considerably more attention in my honest opinion. However there has been an exciting twist in Mainey’s career, at last, he’s signed up with Black Butter Records and released “Make Love!“, as his first track for the well-respected imprint.

The track is as provocative and sexy as the song title suggests and I’m delighted there’s a slightly funky beat which carries it’s soulful groove along. The style of the track is built on an accessible vibe with Mainey’s vocal rich with street cred flavour and a pop-sensible style. In my opinion, the combination of dance-pop sparkle and addictive beats on the track are what’s needed to create some initial buzz around an artist who is now ready to make a serious attempt at establishing himself on the new pop radar.

Connect with Mainey
Twitter: @MAiNEY