Kyan Palmer continues to release very good R’n’B flavoured, pop songs that have more than passing resemblance to the sound and style of music, that has been adopted by Nick Jonas. In a little over a year, the singer-songwriter has released a stream of singles demonstrating his delightful blend of pop and R’n’B, and introspective style of songwriting. We highlighted the single “Can’t Help It” back in November and was quick to acknowledge it had a very mainstream, poppy sound, with plenty of crossover potential. I am happy to report that its a style Kyan has been building upon with every subsequent release, including “Make It Up” the new one.

Kyan is well into establishing himself within the new wave of R’n’B pop artists. This track is soulfully smooth as well bringing to the forefront a knack for penning confident lyrics combining effortless credibility with, huge commercial appeal. Themes of love and relationships ensure his work is relatable to all yet, it is his honest way of storytelling which shows a masterful understanding of narrative songwriting.

You know what they say, the best part of breaking up, is the making up, well it is something which Kyan Palmer is a firm believer in too. He quite descriptively colours in the details, with his insightful way with words, on the track. This is real music, with real emotional elements attached to it. It’s all turned out with a catchy melody and an intoxicating style of pop. With “Make It Up”, Kyan Palmer is here to remind us of how great pop is, not by radically reinventing it, but by presenting a highly enjoyable pop song, that appears so breezy and effortless. When clearly, scratching beneath the surface there is a lot of master craft and skill being put to use here. If you haven’t got him on your radar yet, I urge you don’t get left behind.

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