It has only been a short while since I became aware of this electronic pop duo from Southampton. They had been known previously using the name UHURU, but they’ve since had a rethink, and opted to adopt a new band name. Choosing KESHO going forward. KESHO (pronounced ‘kaysho’ is still a Swahili word and means ‘tomorrow’). I’m glad the lads put out a notification in explanation of the change because at first, my nerdy pop brain started to imagine the guys were big fans of Kesha and this was their way of paying homage. Clearly, jokes aside, the reason why I liked the duo never boiled down to being all in a name. But, because their engrossing style of the bass-heavy music, sounded timeless and they showed artful skills at meshing their fast flowing ideas into some really, tasty tunes.

KESHO has snuck out a new track “M.I.M.N” (“Mean It No More“) which upholds the duo’s established style of powering bass-led, synth stomping, dance beats. I am really, liking this new track. The duo seems to have mastered the skill of putting together funky fresh, shuffling rhythms, primed to get bodies moving on the dancefloor. With this track, they pack in a tale about not being able to erase thoughts of an ex-partner from sneaking back into their minds. The story takes its lead from not being able to close the door and move on, to pastures anew.

A throbbing delight of tribal beat drums, pulsing synths and a huge, undeniable chorus. Garnering comparisons to Years & Years and Shy Luv. The impression I get is, KESHO (formerly, UHURU) have been gigging for a number of years. Although, in most peoples eyes and mine for that matter, there’ll be regarded as newcomers who have arrived on the scene fully-formed.

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Twitter: @wearekesho