What could be more appropriate than EQ favourite McEwen, aka Adam Tyler release new music to celebrate his and partner Erik’s third mc-wedding anniversary? In all truth, it’s a feat that Adam has found time to put out a new track at all given there has been a lot of events happening in the McEwen household. Over the past twelve months, the couple, the McHusbands have continued to keep their YouTube followers updated with plenty of news. Vlogging about their adorable twin daughters, fatherhood journey, and life as a gay married couple. Taking into account, the lovely family has also just, recently moved home. It is then, a small kind of wonder a miracle even “Love That About You” (which YouTubers will recognise as the intro and outro music to the McHusbands vlogs,) is released today.


 This song is particularly special because it speaks with so much love about the couple’s relationship and having found the right life partner. As Adam glowingly sings affectionately about all the little things which make the Mchusbands simply one of the loveliest of couples. Think about it, can you think of anything as endearing than to have a song written about you? It is the sweetest, the most, adorable way of outpouring you’re love for someone. Being topical for a moment, it brings on the same kind of feelings, much like the way in which HRH Prince Harry looked at his bride Meghan Markle when they were married last week.


With this song, McEwen has crafted a mature pop record which is, beautifully arranged as it is endearing. There is plenty of tenderness felt in the lyrics of this song it will melt your heart with happiness. Melodically the track comes at you with warm synth sounds. Combining the two elements makes for an exhilarating listening experience, where the love will shine through and reach out to touch you too.

If everything about the song wasn’t special enough, there’s an extra special bundle of treats loaded up on Bandcamp. A complete remix package and an additional song “SOS” for you to enjoy, stream, and purchase.

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