I hope, you didn’t miss our coverage of Trey Pearson’s courageous solo debut “Silver Horizon“, this summer? It was an important step for the former Christian Rocker to make, inspiring for the LGBT community and everybody.

Since his emotional coming out in 2016 and the release of the inspirational song “Silver Horizon”, Trey has begun work on his debut EP “Love Is Love“, supported by a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has not only allowed Trey to develop as an artist but, as also as a person who gives hope to others, with the heartfelt honesty expressed in his music. Here is an exert of the announcement on Trey’s Kickstarter page about the project, “I am making the most personal and exciting music of my career and working with some amazing people”. Further adding, “My biggest desire is that you have been inspired by my story and will consider teaming with me to continue creating art that is inclusive and encourages people to become their best, truest, and most authentic selves.”

As revealed on Billboard.com, the seven-song mini-album “Love Is Love” will be released this November 17. Fittingly on National Coming Out Day, the EP title track was released.

You won’t find me saying this very often, I am pleased there is a lyric video supporting this upbeat equality anthem as it is essential that we read the song narrative and take on board the full meaning of the lyrics. Like “Silver Horizon“, the song is styled in an electronic-pop vein and has an accessible style which is catchy and pleasing to the ear. The lyrics are what make this song memorable they will touch a lot of people.

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